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Single parents have a hard enough time dealing with ex's, finances, time restraints, and children's issues/health, sometimes we just need the support and understanding that other single parents can provide. In today's society, it is not uncommon for a single parent to have to go the distance alone, without support from a significant other, or with any help from the child's other parent. This is a central location for single parents, women and men alike, to connect and share their experiences, feelings, and concerns.

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If you are not added to the webring within 14 days your site will automatically be removed from the Queue. If you experience problems when trying to put the webring code on your page let me know and I will help as best as I can.

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2. Rules and Guidelines

Webring Members are responsible for the following rules and guidelines. These are in place to ensure the integrity of The Single Parents Making it Happen Webring. If I find that any of the following rules have been broken your site will be removed from our active webring. If the problem is "fixable" you will be given the opportunity to correct it and be added again to the active webring. Some offenses, however, will cause us to permanently remove your site from our ring.

  • HTML Code Placement - The webring code must be placed on your home page directly.
  • Editing the HTML code - The webring code may NOT be edited in any way shape or form. (e.g. you may not change the target tags within the links to anything other than "_top").
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  • Behavior - All webring members are to behave in such a way that is appropriate for family orientated sites. Webring Members are not to act in a hostile way towards other members of the ring, the ringmaster, or anyone visiting your site from following our ring.

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The last step in getting added to the webring is to email me with your page's URL and let me know that everything is in place. I'm usually online daily; as soon as I can check and make sure everything is ready I'll add you to the ring and send you a message to confirm.

5. Members Area

If you are already a webring member, edit your site information here. You can also retrieve your html code, copy ready, upon successful login.
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